Rewind: Back to Vacation

Thursday, August 22, 2013
I’ve come to find that simply going anywhere different and calling it a vacation will feel like a vacation.  We knew that we weren’t going to put that much time into a vacation this summer, as we have a big one planned this fall.  Therefore, we decided to explore a nearby city that the kids had never been to.  While Rich’s father was in the hospital, we felt that thanks to the beauty of technology, we could safely travel 4 hours away and still feel we were connected.  So we were off to Indianapolis!
I had spent a few nights scouring hotel websites for the one that would be comfortable for the family, had a pool, reasonable cost, walking distance to fun, and free breakfast a plus.  The one I found got an A+ in all criteria!  In fact, we were able to go to restaurants, shopping, the zoo, and a museum without ever getting back in our car.  It made us able to take full advantage of our time away with very little effort.  It.  Was. Great.  Here are some pictures to tell the rest:
Indy Trip (3)
Sculptures in the quad-like area just beside our hotel
Indy Trip (4)
Entering the zoo
Indy Trip (5)
The beautiful open park area on which our hotel overlooked
Indy Trip (11)
Zoo - a seriously great one!
Indy Trip (31)
And a dog agility show?  Right up our alley!
Indy Trip (35)
Could see this sign on the State Museum from our hotel room and thought, "Yeah, we're going there."
Indy Trip (45)
Showing me how it's done on one of the many hands-on Start Wars exhibits
Indy Trip (50)
Entering the Millenium Falcon simulator.  I'm holding Cole because he got a little freaked out - like we might actually encounter some Storm Troopers.
Indy Trip (57)
A lesson in teamwork
Indy Trip (58)
Our "no baseball hats allowed" dinner out.  Had a blast!
Indy Trip (67)
Road a carriage on a whim.  Learned alot about the city!
Indy Trip (73)
And what's a trip to Indy without a visit to the speedway?  We took a lap around the (LONG) track and saw some great old racecars.



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