First Days

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
As if summer didn't even happen, the kids are in the groove of hopping on and off the bus to school.  Here is a synopsis of the bigs:
  • Made special mention that last year he had a particularly quiet teacher and this year, he has the loudest teacher!  He seems to be liking her much, though!
  • Was particularly excited that his teacher allows them to chew sugarless gum in class.
  • Thinks he might try eating a hot lunch this year from time to time.  (I choose not to believe this is because after only 3 days of packed lunches, he's sick of them).
  • Is so excited about her class and teacher she can't even stand it!
  • Has met two new friends!
  • Isn't cracked up about the recess/lunchtime swap this year,

Of course, the big story this year is our new elementary school student.  Cole isn't overly verbal about his excitement about Kindergarten, but rather goes about the motions with a sense of coolness that would make an onlooker think he's been doing this for years.  His highlights:
  • He already has 4 friends! (5 if you count the one he already met)
  • The teacher can control the TV from her computer!
  • Having older siblings with friends has its benefits!  (Picture hugs from girls, high fives from boys - pretty much feelin' cool)

Wearing a collared shirt - a departure from summer.  Did Will wear a nice outfit the first day of Kindergarten? Yes.  I have pictures to prove it, buddy.
No Hesitation
First off with the big kids.  A little hot and tired, but ready for tomorrow!


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