Fourth Week

Sunday, July 7, 2013
Sticking a national holiday in the middle of the week is a great idea!  All of the days of the week tend to mesh together making it feel a bit more holi-week!  Thanks to Rich taking the week off, we had a great week of fun, scheduled activities, and to-do's. 

The weather was particularly noteworthy and made our trip up to my sister's SO enjoyable.  Evenings had us wanting to be by the bonfire and days had us playing games in the sun! 

This week we also got to see our favorite movie of the summer thus far with cousins Tim and Kate - Monsters University. And see more of the Kelly clan at a graduation party.

Before the bags were filled with crazy amounts of candy.

Olivia's first 4th parade!

Olivia and Daddy

This little llama decided it was done walking in the parade and chose to be a spectator for the rest right behind our spots!

Playing games at the festival

Winning tickets

Corn for dinner.  Yup, that's it.


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