Nothing Happened

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Today was a great day in which we didn't have any plans.  It's amazing how a nothing day can have so many somethings in it!  We...
  • got the very long lawn mowed
  • trimmed trees
  • scrubbed/painted the outdoor toybox
  • scrubbed patio pavers (without much benefit, unfortunately)
  • changed oil in 2 cars (that wasn't me)
  • played with friends
  • went on bikeride
  • played catch
  • had healthy dinner for the first time in a few days
  • surveyed damage in freak accident in grandmother's home
  • lots of imaginative play between kids
  • had bedtime at a normal time

Fully enjoying the lawn this year compared to last year!

Happy Dog Recipe: cool, breezy day; whole family home.  Combine the two.

Yeah, This.  Thank God this was a rare time when the house was empty.  When my parents and grandmother returned from church, this is what they saw.  Water from an air conditioner unit in the attic is the culprit.  Thank goodness for homeowner's insurance.


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