And Over A Week Later....

Monday, July 22, 2013
Summer is flying by and, judging from my ability to keep up with blog posts, I'm not getting as much done as I though I would.  Let's think of some things I had on an unofficial list in my mind:  continuing education course - bought it, haven't done it; transfer 8mm movies to DVD - not even close; transfer digital videos to DVDs - nope.

We have had several technical, health, and just plain schedule setbacks.  Add to those that we'd like to have a little fun, and, well, maybe I'll have time for those things when the school year starts.  Speaking of fun, here's the latest...
Post season party with Will's baseball team at go-cart fun center!

Fishing for only the 2nd time for the bigs and 1st time for Cole and Cousin Renee.  Will reeled in 4!

Paige's big catch

Some quality tractor time

Will's Family Party!

Happy 8th Birthday, WILL!
And for an edition of "things I never thought I'd have to say":

Cole, don't comb baby Olivia's hair with your dirty toes.

Boys, don't put the hose between your legs like that.

Kids! No breakdancing to the code alarm sound in the hospital hallway.


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