For History's Sake

Sunday, August 11, 2013
This summer, and year for that matter, continues to throw curve balls that are particularly unbelievable and quite honestly, gut wrenching.  To say that the last few weeks have been surreal and crazy is an understatement.  I have strayed from blogging, not because I don't want to record less than picturesque moments in our lives, but because I simply don't have words to describe these moments.

Rich's father has become ill in an almost indescribable chain of events.  In the middle, we have lost our beloved family dog.  It has been somber around our house to say the least.  But among this, Will has had his first slumber party for his 8th birthday, we took a memorable quick trip to Indy and let's not forget that I have ALL THREE children preparing to head to elementary school in one week.  So, I'm forcing myself to record this historical time and the emotions and thoughts that surround it, because after all, ALL of one's life experiences make her who she is...not just the good ones.  So here is chapter one...

Eleven years ago I was riding in a car with my then boss discussing the fact that I was pregnant with my first child.  He was asking if I thought we were ready and I suggested that having a dog kind of has prepared us, I'd like to think.  My boss, then a father of three, hardly stopped short of laughing in my face at that idea.  Well now, as a mother of 3 I can with experience say that I wasn't too far off base.  For those who truly consider their dogs family members, having one has many parallels to children in the respect that there is someone else to consider but oneself.  They rely solely on you.  They love you no matter what.  Their joy is simply being with you.

A friend brought a picture of Bailey's litter to our wedding over 12 years ago.  We took it with us to our honeymoon and counted down the weeks until we could go choose/pick up our puppy.  Now granted, we went through trying times.  I can recall potty messes, a torn couch, torn bedspreads, torn curtains, ruined toys, spills, slobber spots, claw marks (have a tabletop in my crawlspace to prove that one), and paw prints.  And although this list could go on, it pales in comparison to the giggles, excitement, fun, snuggles, and stories we have because of her.  I'd like to think we gave her a pretty great life.  She sure gave us a great twelve years.

Bailey 2001-2013

I love this picture for many reasons.  1) Because of how much Paige has changed, thus showing how long Bailey has been around.  2) to remind me that she is in the background of so many of the pictures of our kids and 3) to remember how much she loved food...even if it was a teething biscuit.


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