Summer's Report Card

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
I know that report cards don't usually come out only a week into a term, but I'd like to give summer a firm warning so as to bring its grade up before mid-term.  It is failing.

First, the weather was cold.  We're talking jackets and jeans for baseball games cold.  Second, if it hasn't been cold it has been raining.  Which is wet.  Thirdly, the sick kids.  Cole has had a repeat fever for two nights (but managed to stay cool tonight) and Paige has a crazy stomach bug that has her lethargic and lacking appetite - very unlike her.  Lastly, the schedules.  There will be periods where it's better, but I think I missed the good few days of just plain nothing after school let out. 

So, here are some suggestions I have for summer to raise it's grade:
  1. Beautiful sunny days
  2. Healthy kids
  3. Fun outings
  4. Impromtu swim parties
  5. Ice cream shop visits
  6. More family bike rides
  7. Lazy days
Okay, now let's get going!


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