Summer's Here!

Monday, June 3, 2013
Happy official summer break (as in, the first school day that the kids didn't wake up and go to school).  I'd say it was a success!  After all, the kids didn't even wake up in their own home!  They had an impromtu sleepover with their cousins, and then we:
  • organized school gear that came home in heaps
  • started our summer chore chart
    • I changed some things around and Will is now in charge of windexing the front and back door daily.  This proves to be a wise choice as he is a prefectionist about this.  Now, if only he could see the connection in not putting his hands all over the glass equalling less work for him!
  • assembled the pool! (though we're lacking the ingredient of WARM weather)
  • assembled Will's early birthday present (pictured below)
    • He asked for it for Christmas and we said no.  We decided if he was still wanting it by spring, we'd get it as his 8th birthday present, but early so as to enjoy it the whole season.  It is battery powered (but isn't charged yet, hence the picture without the correct gear on).
  • had dinner on the grill
  • had cheer practice

    And we got to meet our new cousin puppy, Molly, this weekend.  Look at that face.  Seriously.

  • After a rough beginning to the season, Will got a good hit in his game Saturday and played his best yet!

    Our summer oasis.  Come.  Bring drinks.

    Something is weird with this picture - but you get the idea.  The truth is that both Rich and I had mini bikes when we were little.  This was bound to happen.  Happy early 8th to Will!


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