Another One in the Books

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Thanks to our annual Prairie Fest weekend, summer has rallied!  The weather cooperated.  All of our plans played out without a hitch (mostly), and fun finally took precedence.  And there was a lot of it!  We had a fantastic visit from the Diehls from St. Louis and thank them for making the stop on their way to meet their new niece in Chicago.  We had a baseball game, tumbling, visits with both sides of the family, rides, fair food, a parade, and a chance to say thanks to all the fathers!

Cole: he's 42" tall now and that opens a whole new world of rides!

2 college roomates and 8 random other people

Cole and Jack Henry, during Jack Henry's "best day of his life", as he shouted from the ride.

Will and Bennett - love this pic on the free fall ride

I got 2 funnel cakes.  Here's one.

Here's the other.  That seems fair.

Paige on parade float for cheerleading!

Whole family 1 mile run

And a visit from Baby Olivia!  She's getting so big!
Okay, summer!  Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

I swear I looked to see if you posted after our weekend there, and I missed it! :)

Great, great pics. So much fun to visit you guys!

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