Wednesday, May 29, 2013
It's Wednesday!  Because Friday is a half day of school, this means that I just packed lunches for the last time this year!  That's two lunches packed EVERY day of school this year because neither kid bought.  Ever.  Why?
  • Paige: "They just don't put care into their cooking."  Apparently, too much Food Network has her prefering plate presentation and menu items described as "encrusted," and I haven't seen that on the cafeteria menu much.
  • Will: Hates "waiting forever" in the hot food line.  And since doing things with speed has never been his forte, I thought this was a wise choice. 
Random Wednesday Wisdom
  • Paige is a fast runner, apparently.  She brought home a 3rd place in the whole 4th grade for her 50 yard dash time.  This was a newsflash for us that we were excited about!
  • Will tonight: "Well, at least that's what the sub said.  But you can't really trust a substitute teacher."  That was news, too.
  • According to 5 year-old world, you can also call your big toe your "foot thumb."


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