Camping 101

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Growing up, my family had a pop up camper and this was the way we vacationed.  We would love to have a similar type of recreational vehicle someday, but aren't convinced we would get enough use out of it.  Thankfully, my sister and her family have a fantastic one that we have had "camp outs" in before, but this weekend we were actually able to show the kids what "going camping" was really like.  They are fans!  If you are planning a camping trip, here is a crash course:
  1. Don't depend on the weather report as you make your plans.  Though the weather people may be saying stifling hot and 90s, it will really be overcast and 70s and you will need to use beach towels and shawls.
  2. Bring bikes.  The mini network of roads throughout the campground will feel like a town, and free reign biking throughout will keep the kids busy and in heaven forever.
  3. "I'm going on a bikeride!"
  4. Don't bring nice clothes; wear your crummy ones.  Also bring extra ones.
  5. If you go "mudding" on golf carts with acquaintances who stay there often, hold on.  And don't wear your sunglasses, as they will likely fall off never to be seen again.
    Beyond Funny
  6. Kindling and dry wood are keys to a good bonfire.
  7. Seize the moment to make memories.
    I should add: bring nonstop snacking materials

    Cole brought puzzles and games and was determined to use them!

    Same acquantances had Chinese wishing lanterns.  Super cool!
    Watched it until it disappeared...The second one we lauched we *almost* watched burn down a camper, until if finally took an upwardly swing!
    Girl time in the camper

7.   Lastly, swimming counts as a shower.  Until you get home and realize nothing beats a real shower!


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