Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 27, 2013
I'm never surprised when Memorial Day weekend is cold and rainy.  We got married on Memorial Day weekend 12 years ago and the weather was exactly that.  I also think it's appropriate for the holiday.  Though people cookout and enjoy an r&r day, it is somber and reflective as everyone remembers loved ones who have served our country.  I know I am truly thankful and humbled by that thought.

We DID have a nice weekend including a TGIF gathering at our house with a special visit from baby Olivia and her parents.  How can you resist?

Of course, I must mention the last time I will make the drive to the preschool that all 3 kids went to.  I got secretly choked up for just a second, but was quickly brought back to reality by my chatty, crazy 5 year-old.

We also had some time for mini projects like hedge trimming and this little idea I had for the garage that will hopefully eliminate sports supplies from sinking into the dark hole of the bin they used to be in...
Also, a while back, Paige had used her own money to purchase a butterfly kit from book orders.  It proved to be money well spent.  She was so into the process!  She had a daily log with diagrams of the caterpillars-->coccoons-->butterflies.  This weekend, it was finally time to release them...
Side note: check out Cole's fingers, imitating Paige's as he intently watches the release.
So...last week of school, here we come!  It's a busy one, but everyone is ready!


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