Family Weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2013
This weekend, though busy, was a great mix of fun and family!  Check out the to do list:
  • Paige had tryouts for a higher level of cheer team (results come tomorrow)
  • Will had a baseball game - 1st loss of the season.
  • Cole had a spring sing
  • We celebrated Tim and Kate's birthdays (and Rich's birthday with the Kellys)
  • Kid birthday party for Paige
  • Finished planting garden
  • Trimmed bushes
  • Sat outside and had coffee in the morning at our new patio set ( WAS on my to-do list) :)
  • Got a visit with cousin from North Carolina
  • Got to snuggle on baby Olivia a bit
  • Celebrated my mom's and Rich's birthdays with the Cumpata side of the family
  • Broke out the go-cart at Grandpa C's for the first time of the season
This weekend leaves me feeling happy and fulfilled!  And now...bring on the work week!  And a few pictures...
Cousin Julie hogging Olivia

Cole at his sing - looking only at friend Matthew, because everyone else in front him he "didn't know."

Joy riding!



Renay said...

I am so proud that you put "sit outside and have coffee" on your to-do list! And...I would totally either (unless she needed a diaper change - then I'm out! so.over.that)

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