My Love/Hate Relationship with Spring

Thursday, May 16, 2013
So, I LOVE spring because it brings summer and coat-less days and firsts.  Like, first family bike ride of the season, and this...Cole and my first outside picnic after biking to nearby garage sales:
But I hate spring now.  I suffered from seasonal allergies when I was younger and barely do anymore.  However, the memories of itchy eyes and a nonstop nose are vivid.  It makes you irritable, unable to focus and just plain mad.  To have 70-degree days that are the epitome of spring weather and my son not able to enjoy it is heartbreaking to me. 

Will is miserable.  I keep waiting for it to subside (pollen counts to decrease, etc.), but it's not happening fast enough.  Meanwhile, we are experimenting with what medications are most effective for him.  Then, today, he wakes up with one eye almost swollen shut.  I thought maybe he had been rubbing it and that it would decrease.  He took his Zyrtec and (now prescription) eye drops and went to school. 

Off the bus he came whimpering about the eye and now it was wet and definitely infected looking.  So, now we're onto antibiotic drops for him.  Never mind the entire box of tissues that gets emptied each night as he attempts to clear his sinuses.  I pray for this to get better soon.

*I hope to be reading this next year at this time thinking, "Oh, wow! Remember how bad he was?  So glad we're not going through that this year."


Renay said...

Ah...poor poor Will!!! I've heard it's super bad this year. Hopefully the counts will go down soon!

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