Anniversary Dinner

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Three years ago, you may remember the 5 grandkids on my side of the family put on a dinner for my parents’ anniversary in our basement, mocked up as a restaurant.  We had decided to do this again this year.  After all…this April marks 40 years of marital bliss!  Check out the difference a few years makes…

They served a 6 course meal complete with hand massages / cleaning, magic entertainment, piano music, and origami skills.  They had a great time serving them and we had a fun time planning it.

The kicker this time around was that unbeknownst to the kids, they served my parents a “bill” at the end that was actually a poem explaining that for their 40th anniversary, we are all going to Disney World together later in the year.  It’s something we simply never did and now we can all experience it together. 

It was an emotional, exciting surprise.  But if I have learned anything, it is to celebrate the good stuff. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.


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