Tuesday, April 16, 2013
We had our celebration for Cole’s 5th birthday this past Saturday! Pictures will come later after his kid mini-party. He so greatly anticipated this and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Too bad cousin Renee had the flu and only Riley could make it from the family, and Aunt Jamie couldn’t make it due to pre-labor pains, which brings us to…

A new family member! We gained a beautiful new niece on Monday morning and the kids are fanatical about their new cousin. Olivia Mae is already fully loved and adored by us all! Congrats to Jamie and Steve!

Will and Paige qualified to test for the Academically Talented program at school. They went through a series of tests and Will was accepted, while Paige missed the cut off by 3 points. We are very proud of both of them! So tell me, why then when I remind Will to hang up his towel in the bathroom and he says, “okay,” does he leave the bathroom without doing so? It’s baffling.

Cole is starting to learn to ride a two-wheeler! Today was our first day practicing and he was definitely starting to feel it!

*side note* Today, Cole and I were at a shoe store and, checking out a pair on his feet, I said, “those are sharp!”. He proceeded to sit down and check out the soles of the shoes. Then looked up and said, “Where are they sharp?”

Tonight, we got a fantastic presentation by Paige (complete with comment cards and slide show with a pointer) about her bedtime. She had well-thought-out arguments and communicated them clearly and concisely. We came to new agreement.

Baseball has sadly been rained out for the first 2 practices. So excited to get this season started!


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