Unscheduled Hiatus

Thursday, April 4, 2013
You may have noticed that I took an unscheduled hiatus from blogging.  I just felt that I haven’t had time to keep up with what we’re doing, let alone reflect on what we’ve done!

But…we’ve done a lot!  There has been Easter, Spring Break, 5th birthday planning, lost teeth, home projects, picture day, baby chick raising, movie nights, and heart-to-heart talks.  The days have been full!

Cole and I have still had some good ‘ole play time though.  In fact, he got a new dirt-bike trailer lego set for Easter that has been nonstop fun.  One day we had pretended the carpet was “quick sand” for the dirt bikes.  The next day, wanting to continue the story, Cole said, “Let’s pretend the carpet is…what is that again?  Fast mud?”

Yes.  That’s some funny stuff.

Here are some pictures of what you’ve missed:
On our way to a grown-up looking mouth!  This one got help at recess this day, but the one next to it will be soon, we think!
Baby chicks! 

Trip to the city - the planetarium - on Spring break.  Can you spot the kids?

Millenium park on an actual nice day!
Rainforest Cafe.  I love this restaurant, but it is no mistake that the area you wait for your table is filled with millions of things your kids will ask you for.  We told them they can have food.  That's what we came for.
Egg Decorating!
Will's version of a grandpa (not any one in particular)
Paige's take on egg monsters
I don't really know why Cole's shirt is unbottoned and Will looks like he just woke up...but Happy Easter!
The Lego dirt bike hauler...in fast mud.


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