Snow Day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
While there are always going to be those who criticize decisions to cancel school due to snow, I’m here to tell you I believe in a good snow day every now and then.

What tells me these are important days is that Rich and I could recount the things we would associate with snow days.  Details of childhood are pretty sketchy, especially if you grew up when photos actually had to be developed and therefore, aren’t as numerous.  So, if we remember them, they were pretty special times.

Today, the kids milked the free, unscheduled day.  It started with lemonade snow cones (made from nature’s snow…they promised me it was the “good” kind of yellow snow), outside play, a workout circuit, and some good ‘ole role playing. 

An afternoon play date led to an impromptu mall opening up in my family room.  It. Was. Adorable.  We had Paige and Cole owning a DVD store, a neighbor boy had a bouncy ball store (because saying “ball store” just sounded wrong, they decided), and Will had a made-to-order paper airplane store, complete with numbers to take as you waited for your order to be up.  They had coupons, punch cards, daily specials, etc.  It was awesome and everyone had a blast.

Then, tonight, we had throwback movie night and watched Finding Nemo (because, hey, homework was done last night).   First, I want to start showing Cole some of these movies he may have missed being born last.  Second, watching again after a few years, the big kids get more humor and that is fun to watch.  Lastly, everything about that movie brings us back to the toddler, bad-sleeping days of Paige, where a 4:30am wake up call from her would mean taking her downstairs and starting this favorite movie while we caught a few more winks.  Good times.  See?  Snow days are good. 

Fine-tuning the igloo we built from the last snowfall

The Family Room Mall.  The boys are shirtless from the aformentioned workout circuit that came before they went to work.


Renay said...

Your kids are just so darned creative! I love the mall idea! Totally agree on snow days...somehow, even though I have all the kids home, it seems like a day-off for me too!!

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