When Kids Get Smart

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
I'm not talking got-an-A-on-a-test smart.  I'm talking quick-tongued and witty, not always in a good way.

This week we have been studying for a Social Studies test for Will.  This is his least favorite type of test to study for.  If he can work out math problems or put together an in-depth story, he's great.  But good 'ole memorization of facts is not his forte.

The test is tomorrow.  After a practice test and some other review, I was affirming my confidence in his ability to do well.  He said, "I'm probably going to miss some."  I told him that there's a little saying, You are what you think you are.  (Paige chimes in behind me, You also are what you eat.)  So I went on to explain what it meant and Will replied, "okay, I will just do my best."  I said, "that's great."  Then he said, "But I will probably miss some because there's also the saying always tell the truth.

I surrendered.


Renay said...

This conversation is hilarious! This is definitely the age of "get in the last word" for sure. At least his last words were "always tell the truth" glass 1/2 full ;)

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