Annual Ski Trip

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Today marked the (I’m calling it) second annual ski trip for our family with my sister’s family, who ski more often than we do.
If you have never taken your kids skiing and are novices yourselves, here is a step-by-step overview of what you can expect.

1) A pleasant long drive to the destination.

2) A jumble of hats, snow pants, gloves and other optional attire in the back of the car.

3) Paperwork (you know, in case you turn into a snowball on the hill and they have to call a medic).

4) To sign over a good week’s pay.

5) The herding of people in jumbo, heavy boots getting sized for skis and boots.

6) While accomplishing the daunting task of getting all ski boots (which can also be substituted with plain cast iron, I would think) fitted on kids and cramming unnecessary materials in a pint-sized locker, expect to sweat and curse under your breath a bit.

7) Give yourself a good 20 minutes to make the trek from the rental lodge to the bottom of the hill.  The combo of kids who have put their skis on prematurely and toting your own skis and poles will slow you down immensely.

8) Random fits by kids who don’t get it right away mixed with your intense desire to get comfortable on your own skis.

9) Just as everyone starts to get into a groove, hunger and thirst will hit…hard.

10) After taking a break (I would recommend an alcoholic beverage at this point for the grown-ups), everyone will be much more positive and will likely conquer their obstacles and have a great time!

11) Then everyone will be tired and do #6 again, only in reverse.
In the end, you’ll get a day of a great rare opportunity that makes it all worthwhile!  Just look at the pictures!
Will - just as he was gaining confidence.
Don't be fooled...This only happened the last of the 5 hours we were there.  But the good news is, she did it!
Will is the dark figure, middle screen.  This is post-confidence boost when he would come down waving and aim himself right back in line for the people mover to go again!
Paige, looking stylish, liking things better with poles vs. no poles
Cole - an animal on the slopes
Family shot!  Proof we survived!


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