Kids. They’re Funny

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spending time tonight on You Tube looking at videos of babies cracking up at random things makes me think about how many belly laughs I owe my kids.  They’re invigorating.  Like apples, I think you need one a day. 

I wonder where I will get my laughs when my kids are grown and out of the house.  Then I remember that they will have kids and I’ll get to start the laughing all over again.

Today’s laugh was this conversation in the car with Cole.

Cole: I’m thirsty!

Me:  Do you want a drink of my water?

Cole: No, thanks.

Me: Why? I don’t have cooties.

Cole: Huh?  What are cooties? Oh, you mean those oranges?



The other (indirect) laugh came tonight.  You should know that tomorrow night we are surprising the kids with a weekend trip to a nearby indoor water park resort for Valentine’s day.  (Something we like to do anyway, but think it’s fun to make a V-day surprise).  Well, we had Chinese food tonight and Will read his fortune: A resort area will be part of your next holiday plans.  I about died.  He promptly ripped it up and said those things (fortunes) are full of it.  Ironic and funny?  I think yes.


Renay said...

I totally snorted at the oranges part and SERIOUSLY - Will got that fortune randomly?! That is awesome! Your kids do say some hilarious things. Good thing you blog - all you'll need to do for your laugh-a-day in the future, is to re-read these posts!!

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