Break from the Norm

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Every now and then it is not only good, but downright therapeutic to have a break from the usual routine.  This past weekend it came in the form of a 3-day weekend as well as 2 nights away at an indoor water park resort.To say it was enjoyed by all would be an understatement. The bigs got to go down multiple waterslides. Cole got to feel cool knowing how to swim, and Rich and I got to have a drink while sitting. That’s right…sitting! There are many times I long for the days when my kids were younger, but traveling isn’t one of them. Seeing them head out of the resort, each with their luggage wheeling behind them, and me with only MY stuff in hand…is a little slice of heaven, if you ask me!

Aunt Jamie was in the area and paid us a visit!
Just got there!  Don't ask about what Cole is wearing.  I pick my battles.
Ice cream treats while plotting our waterpark plan for the morning.
Done it all by this point
50s diner with car serving "plates"
750!  That would be a jackpot!
Part of the jackpot spendings.  Try keeping a straight face when this sucker is in use.  Impossible.

Now, because I literally think it daily, I must share how lucky I am to spend days with Cole for laughs like this…
Tonight in bed he said his mouth hurt from when he brushed his teeth because his toothbrush slid up and hurt the part that connects his gums to his mouth.
Then, while reading he commented on my fingernail color and asked if I had the same color on my feet nails. The kid is just funny.
Where you will find us most afternoons - reading time.  Today he thought Bailey should get to see the pictures.


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