Happy Weekend

Sunday, February 10, 2013
It was a no-major-plans kind of weekend and that was majorly great.  Especially since Rich is fighting a cold and Will is still coming out of his (and I’m just calling it now, but I think Cole might be getting it).  So, here are some pictures…
Since we’ve actually had some snow (but escaped the real build up with a rain substitution), I thought I’d share this one.  I love the giant snowflake on Bailey’s nose and the little guy backstage shoveling.
It was free rollerskating night for the kids’ school Sunday evening and was a great way to get some exercise on a dreadful weather day.
Will *claimed* he didn’t want to go (probably because he questions his abilities on skates), but spent more time on rink than any of us…always with a smile..and maybe a couple Gangnam style moves.

And for giggles, we bopped into a larger pet store and played “if you could have any pet here what would it be” and this was mine.  How sweet is this Rhodesian Ridgeback?


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