The Break

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
We have had a terrific break!  I have zero complaints.  We stayed healthy enough to enjoy events, saw family, had great lounging days, and had some busy days.  To me, this is what Christmas break should be. 

And the time frame is perfect...just long enough for the kids to get re-acquainted to each other plus free time, but not so long that they annoy each other.  They have had a few afternoons where they remain upstairs with each other deep into play.  Sometimes it's role-playing (I can't be sure, but I think at least one of them was playing the role of an unruly toddler).  Sometimes it's "mail," where they each put a mailbox outside their bedroom doors and give each other surprise mail.  (I would hear a knock and then announcement of "mail!" several times). 

But the best imaginative work came New Year's Eve with their cousins.  After watching the ball drop on the East coast (11pm our time), they used the hour that was left to create our own ball.  They took a large ball with a handle meant for bouncing on and covered it will stickers.  Then, they tied a string to it and suspended it over the balcony with flashlights shining on it.  They slowly lowered it as we counted down to midnight.  It was an impressive collaboration!

While I know that I always feel like the "busy time" is over when the holidays end, I also remember that "busy-ness" starts up pretty quickly shortly after.  That's why I watched Hugo for the second time tonight, played dart tag with the kids today, and plan on jumping in jump houses with them tomorrow.  Because I can.


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