A Decade

Monday, December 24, 2012

I don’t necessarily always post a “birthday post” here for the kids.  Today, I was inclined to do so as today marks a decade of Paige and, therefore, a full decade of parenting for Rich and I.

I was reading through my pregnancy journal from way back when (not to be overly nostalgic, but because I was looking for a book title for my sister).  But it was so fun to read our anticipation, unanswered questions, worries, etc.

To look now at was has come of that time of anticipation and ten years since is almost unbelievable!

Paige has grown into such a little character of her own.  She is funny, positive, giving, open, and beautiful.  So as everyone continues to open presents and celebrate the season, I joyfully celebrate the best gift I’ve ever been given at the holidays.

Happy Birthday, Paige!IMG_2124


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