Sigh…It’s Over

Sunday, January 6, 2013
Everyone in this household was more than ready for Christmas break.  And for good reason.  It provided everything that we were eagerly anticipating.  But, alas, tonight I had to pack lunches – a sign that tomorrow brings us back to the grind.
But we managed to squeeze in a fun day Saturday to the zoo.  Paige was able to invite a couple friends as a sort of mini birthday celebration.  We ended up having the best zoo experience we’ve probably ever had as a family.  Despite my feeling like it really wasn’t a stand-out birthday “party,” I did overhear one of Paige’s friend ask her if this was the best birthday party she has ever had, or what?  This was said while watching busy kangaroos jumping – one with a joey in it’s pouch!
Top it off with some of the biggest snowflakes we’ve had this season, and it was a beautiful day!  Enjoy some pics!
Zoo (13)
Dolphin Show!
Zoo (27)
What Will would look like if he was a gorilla...that wore a shirt and tie.
Zoo (21)
My cute little joeys
Zoo (10)
Paige and her friends!
Zoo (12)
For real.  Like, I could see his uvula.
Zoo (19)
The whole gang
Zoo (7)
We swore this lion posed for this picture.
Zoo (4)
Ice sculptures
Great way to end the break - and happy birthday hurrah for Paige!


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