Some Advice and Little Known Facts

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
1) If you ignore your knowledge and dislike of fried chicken and get a bucket of it for dinner on a night when dad's working late, your kids will think you're the coolest.

2) Cole is a closet "Fresh Beat Band" junkie.  He is obsessed with the show and his new sweatshirt that bears a picture of the show, but that's just between he and I.

3) If your preschooler says that he was doing a "potion" in the bathroom sink, that is code for big, slimy mess.

4) When your 2nd grader and friend get off the bus and want to show you their new rap duet, try not to laugh at the "big butts" performance, because that will make the lecture about appropriateness seem less genuine.

5) Apparently if you're saying anything to anyone, preceding it with a "P.S...." makes it seem cooler.  As in, "P.S., mom, my science test is really Monday."

6) Once your daughter turns 10ish, you'll need her with you for jeans shopping.  Period.

7) Don't allow your 4-year old to head to the hamper in your room in pitch darkness. He will likely freeze in a state of panic and totally forget the orientation of the entire room...and blame you for sending him in there.


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