Monday, January 28, 2013
I probably over-use this word.  But I find good reasons!  Like these:
1) Today Paige was home sick today, thus blemishing her perfect attendance record.  Almost made it to the 100th day of school.  But this lead to Cole and her having a day to themselves – a rarity.  And it’s funny how omitting 1 child can totally change the dynamic.  They had a lunch date planned, built a fort and read books together.  Super cute.
2) Paige’s personality is dynamic.  In many meanings of the word.  It changes and is full of vigor.  Take today, an unseasonable warm day, driving in the van to pick up Cole from preschool with the windows down and dogs hanging heads out the windows.  She couldn’t quite articulate the “feel good” feeling she was having, but based on the smile and large, refreshing sighs, that’s what I gather it was.
3) We wished a happy 92nd birthday to my grandmother this weekend!  Though she is quiet and reserved these days, we all know that deep down she will always be the dynamic talker with a laugh you could hear across a room!IMG_2414
4) The dynamics between kids are hysterical.  Getting together with cousins not seen often is instant fun to kids.


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