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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I’ve previously referred to Cole’s lack of interest in arts and crafts.  Overall, his interest in writing letters, drawing pictures and building things like Legos has increased and he has become better at them.  Like today at school, for example.  He did a great job making a ground hog (or gofer or, if you’re Cole, golfer) that pops out of a styrofoam cup.

But he struggles with coloring.  He even said the girls in his class told him he scribbles when he colors (cue mom’s heart breaking).  But he was quick to add that his buddies defended his artistic skills.

So each day I try to make sure we have some fine motor work time.  I remembered this mosaic set Will has and thought Cole would enjoy it.


I found, in this case, the problem wasn’t ability; it was attention span.  This is how it went: place one block, tell a story, take it off to double check it was in the right place, pet a dog, take a bunch and put them in the wrong place as a practical joke, replace them to the right spots, recall a dream he had, etc.

Today we did a mitten craft together that involved coloring the paper mittens.  The longest time he would color without interruption was approximately .5 seconds.  He would make a couple passes with a crayon, switch it, switch it again, stand up to look out the window, color a second, turn the paper, start cutting out the mitten, go back to coloring, ask what was for dinner, and so on.

So obviously this type of work is not his favorite.  And let’s remember that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.  Yesterday he was dressed, ready, with his swim gear laid out by the steps so I don’t forget it – a skill his brother still struggles with.  But, then again, Will was coloring intricate shrinky dinks at a younger age than Cole is now.  But, I had (and still have) many attempts to help Will with his schedule management.  So tomorrow…Cole and I will color.


Renay said...

This is why I don't read your blog! haha! Seriously though, what a good mom working on areas of improvement while recognizing strengths! Brady is to Cole as Aiden is to Will!!!

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