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Wednesday, December 19, 2012
So, besides feeling like the news is actually some freaky R-rated movie (school violence, prison escapees, etc.), we HAVE been having some fun around here! 
Will went to his second Bears game (against the Packers no less)!  Though we lost, he and his dad had a great time!
Cole's Art
Cole is not all too interested in art, but this version of his favorite character on Fresh Beat Band was impressive!
What our elf, Jingle, has been up to.  I might be having more fun with this than the kids this year!
Gingerbread house decorating at Grandma and Grandpa's!  Now bring on Christmas!
House (2)
The kitchen of a house we're currently looking at.  Larger eating area...key.
Same house.  Other key area...mudroom!
In other news, Cole successfully passed his first level of swim lessons.  He was kicking and swimming half the width of the pool the last lesson! I’m very proud of him. 

Paige has started Leadership Club at school and will begin Honor Choir after break.

Will continues to crack me up daily.  Yesterday he defined his social studies term “scarcity” as a place where people get scared…scare-city? Classic.


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