The Weekend

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I would love to talk about the last minute shopping, wrapping and trip to the Bears game (for Rich and Will) that took place this weekend, but it all seems so small and frivolous in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut on Friday.

Like so many others (who aren’t even personally connected to the incident), I have lost sleep and thought about it just about every second since Friday noon.  I don’t know how you recover from something like that and I’m angry that anyone even has to. 

We told our big kids a stripped-down version of the incident such that if they hear things, they will have heard it from us first. They have seen not one ounce of media coverage, as I hope no child does.  We can’t expect our kids to understand something that we can’t even wrap our heads around. 

I pray for that community.  I pray for all kids who may struggle with going to school after hearing about this.  I pray for all school personnel who will no doubt have this on their minds for so many school days to come.  I pray for all children – that none have to ever experience the terror that no doubt each of those children felt that day.


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