Reading Book Night

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
Most evenings before the kids are down for the night we take turns reading to them.  (One with Paige, one with Will and whoever is done first goes with Cole).  And some nights our schedule doesn't allow for this.  Hence Cole's question every night, "Is it a reading book night?" 

I love this time.  Here are some reasons why:
  1. Seeing reading improvement in each kid.  Tonight Cole actually did some sounding out!  Because he is behind the others at this same age for letter writing/recognition/sounds, I have been mildly concerned.  But I think he will come around on his time.
  2. The spontaneous conversations that occur.
  3. Sharing our thoughts/feelings about the story.  (And for Will, this is usually laughs.  He doesn't stray from comedy much.)
  4. Snuggling.
  5. The breather before I continue to get things done sans kids.
  6. The lack of interruption.  (This isn't a popular time for phone calls, visits, etc.)
  7. Feeling like for just one moment, the days aren't just flying by.
Then on nights like tonight when Rich is gone until after bedtime, I still like to have "reading book night."  Often we will take a Shel Silverstein poem book and pass it around.  You have to open the book randomly and read the poem(s) on the given page.  But tonight, it was a Christmas picture book.  Everyone started out scattered around Paige's room listening.  By the end, we were all huddled around the book listening to the story of Mortimer, the Christmas mouse.


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