Early Arrival

Monday, December 3, 2012
Ten years ago about this time I was awaiting an arrival of our first child.  Paige is turning ten this month, and to get her in the spirit, she received an early gift from her Grandma and Grandpa Cumpata - a loft bed built and painted by them!

Now, Grandpa and Paige had been brewing this idea for some time now, always being gently discouraged by us, as she already had perfectly good furniture in her room. But a surprise for a birthday, we couldn't turn down!  We made the switch while she was at school.  (I felt like I could be on the set of a TLC show).  When she came home, she opened a card from them that had a poem alluding to her new upgrade.

As I type this, she is upstairs NOT sleeping.  She is busy thinking of ways to do things, cute organizational ideas (bless her heart) and chatting with Will across the hall.  (Sidenote: one might think that if both Cole and Paige had loft beds, Will would be whining for his turn, but one would be wrong.  This would deter his precious Milo dog from nightly snuggle time on his bed and Will would want NOTHING to do with that!)


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