Birthday Weekend

Sunday, December 9, 2012
In trying to spread the cheer out a bit, we had Paige's family party this past weekend and celebrated my father-in-law's birthday (a fellow December-born) as well. 

Unfortunately, Rich came down with the stomach flu and only made a brief appearance for the present-opening.  This bummed us out a bit, but we are happy to see that he's getting better! 

I know that I should probably be nostalgic that an entire decade of parenting has occurred, but because I'm too busy enjoying the maturity (most of the time), I just haven't.  I especially love Paige's gratitude.  I'm not going to kid myself to say that our kids aren't spoiled to some degree, but technically, they're not.  The Wikipedia definition for "spoiled" is exhibiting behavioral problems from overindulgence by parents.  Because I see true gratitude and generosity from my children daily, I'd say we haven't gone overboard.  After all, today they spent almost 2 hours at a store carefully choosing items for four children that they don't even know - our donation for United Way Holiday Assistance program.

Going to bed the night of her party, Paige said, "Mom, I can tell I'm getting older just from my presents!  I mean....crafts, a flat iron, and these shoes look like something Kate (her 18 year-old cousin) would wear!"  She was excited!  And so are we!

**Pictures to come**


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