Notable Notes

Tuesday, November 27, 2012
1) Today after a rockin' swim lesson in which Cole has (finally) begun streamlining and getting breath control, we stopped into Dominick's for a few groceries.  And I just had to giggle to myself when I think of how not graceful it is shopping with a preschooler.  Here's how it went:  Before going in, Cole wanted to spit his gum out, so we stopped at the garbage by the door.  He proceeded to actually spit into the garbage - only he hasn't really quite earned his man badge for spitting and the gum fell, sticking in between the garbage and metal basket that holds it.  We simple whistled and walked away.  Then Cole runs and pushes the handicapped door opener and jumps in the revolving door (as if he just powered the revolving door), not noticing that the door NEXT to the revolving door had just opened...for no one.  When we got in I asked if this is the store he and dad had bought my flowers a week or so ago.  He said, "Yeah, this store...Domino's."

2) We have always commented on Will's humming.  He hums when he's getting ready, concentrating on something, waking up in the morning, etc.  It is cute because he always seems so content, but also frustrating because sometimes it is this "own little world" habit that has him not hearing our instructions. Tonight at dinner, Will stated, "You know what's weird about me?  Well, one thing that's weird about me?  When I hum, I sort of feel like no one else can hear it."  Cole, "Oh, we can hear it."

3) Tonight we had breakfast for dinner.  It's a rarity and I have to say I don't love making it because everything cooks fast, at the same time, and gets cold fast.  To add to this, the kids wanted to help, which I thought would make for a too-crowded kitchen and burnt food.  It actually went well!  Paige was on pancakes, Cole was on toast and Will was on table setting (complete with folded napkins).  Cole was pretty proud to have his very own job and was overly enthusiastic about how great the toast was all through dinner.  (We, of course, emphatically agreed.)

4) Rich had brought home a liquid nitrogen "gun" to re-treat some plantar's warts Will has on the bottom of his feet.  It has been a pain trying to get ahead of these and Will has been a trooper.  If you haven't had this done, it feels like getting an instant frost bite and can smart quite a bit.  They were doing it in the playroom with the door shut and Cole was loitering and talking to them and I told him to back away and give them a minute.  He replied, "But sometimes I think we feel the same thing.  Like when Will cries, I cry."  It was a poignant moment - one where my four year-old felt true empathy.  And if anyone is picturing E.T. in which Elliot feels the same thing E.T. is feeling, you're not alone.  Or maybe it's just because I've watched that movie recently.  Either way...cute.


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