With So Much Thanks

Sunday, November 25, 2012
When you have the feeling that you can't quite express enough thanks, you can be certain your life is good.  I'm so thankful to have gotten a chance to gather with family this weekend and all of the other monumental blessings of which I am thankful: our health, our home, friends and family near and far.  So, as this weekend comes to a close and the holiday stretch begins, here are some not-so-cliche things of which I am thankful.
  • That our kids are old enough that they are actually a help and not a hinderance when it comes to Christmas decorating. (Stringing the lights on the tree after toddler bedtime...no longer necessary).
  • The knowledge that our kids appreciate our cozy home and that some days they would rather just be home than accept a playdate with a good friend.
  • Our dogs.  Seriously - they bring us several laughs a day.  Today it was the photo shoot attempt for the Christmas card.  One word: SQUIRREL!
  • Online shopping.  It rocks.
  • My parents - for my life, of course.  But also for their open-home policy for Thanksgiving dinner, making everyone feel like family.
  • Days off school.  Here and there, it is just needed. 
  • Days of school.  Because getting back to routine feels good, too.
  • DVR and smartphones.  Oh, like you're not.
So, as shopping, planning, baking and preparing take up much of my time in coming weeks, I am also thankful my family is dedicated to remembering the true meaning of the season.


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