Who's The Boss?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
It has come to my attention that Cole is bossy.  It started out all cute...oh, look, the little guy has an opinion.  But it has now spiraled out of control.  Time spent with him is great...if you do things the way he says.

Not that I always follow his demands, but here are the things that without exception he voices his preference/orders on.
  • Where I park
  • How fast / slow I drive
  • Which way I take (the back way, the hill way, etc.)
  • What we're having for lunch
  • How I cut / dish what we're having for lunch
  • What he's wearing for the day
  • What shoes I'm wearing for the day
  • Whether the dogs should come with us
  • What show we watch
  • Whether I should tape a show we're watching
  • If I should clean something / how I could clean it better
  • What book we read
  • Where I get to be when we read
  • How / when to wake him from nap time
  • The list. goes. on.
Recently this has caused problems.  If people aren't sitting around a table in the order he prefers, there are fits.  If he isn't the color pawn he wants to be in a family game of Monopoly Jr., silent treatment.  So we have decided to come down on this behavior, as it is obvioulsy undesirable.  Making it quite clear that if he is rudely demanding, he will get the OPPOSITE of what he is demanding has started to make an impact on him.  So hopefully we can nip this quick, before he's telling Rich and I what major purchase we're going to make next and when.

Now I must do a few things before I can watch my shows and then head for bed...that is, if it's okay with Cole.


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