Fall Weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012
What a beautiful fall weekend we were blessed with this weekend! (Fast forward to this upcoming weekend when we are freezing and probably getting rained on at the Illini game in which case I will be NOT so thankful).

But we took advantage of the weather at least and got some yard chores done, walked the dogs, had friends play over, got our pumpkins and took family pictures after church today since the weather was so beautiful.  We always try to get a fall family picture to include in Christmas cards (like, real ones that get sent to mailboxes).  So far, we've only done casual candids...no professional sitting.  Someday I will book that...

So, here are some that won't be in the envelopes this year...
This was a test picture - had no idea Will was back there!  Cracked me up!

Had a hard time losing this expression.  Apparently, this is his "bright sun" face.  Not to be confused with his "I'm about to beat you up" face.


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