Monday, October 15, 2012
Since I have many thoughts swirling around my head...none of which I can form into a substantial post, I decided to have FLASHBACK day.  We got the kids school pictures today and always enjoy seeing previous years' pictures behind the current one when we switch out the frame.  A reminder that sometimes it's just fun to look back!  Since Halloween is nearing, here is a look back at previous October 31sts.

2003: Only 9 months - didn't dress up, but had this cute ghost shirt!

2004: A Pumpkin
2005: Pocahontas and a Harley Dude

2006: Tinkerbell and a Pumpkin

2007: Sleeping Beauty and a Train Conductor

2008: Train Conductor (gotta love a repeat costume), Ariel, Lion

2009:  Skeleton, Sorceress, Train Conductor

2010: McQueen Pit Crew, Skeleton, Skeleton Bride (For the record, not the bride of the skeleton sitting next to her)

2011: Phantom Skeleton (changing it up a bit), ACTUAL Lightning McQueen, Witch


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