(Wet) Leaf Day!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Every year about this time we establish a "leaf day" day to head over to my parents' yard and rake leaves, drive every motorized vehicle possible and have lunch.  This year, we thought we had the best plan...to take advantage of the strange Tuesday the kids had off of school. 

It ended up being a little wet (like, time-out-on-the-barn-porch-for-a-downpour wet), but the kids still had a blast.  In fact, Cole's exact words were that the day was perfect...he did everything he wanted to do.  Now, granted, we don't usually get a lot "done" as far as leaf pick-up for my parents.  This year, though, we probably made things worse, what with the large piles of wet leaves and muddy ruts in the yard.  But, again...fun.

Will - in his glory

Paige - in her glory

Everyone in their glory :)


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