Monday, September 10, 2012
We've been very lucky to have some fun events pop up on otherwise free weekends that we've been able to do.  This past Saturday we traveled an hour to see a family member play football for his college against a nearby school.  Since this family is from Michigan - it was a great opportunity to see them!  The kids thought it was pretty cool to run on the field afterwards.  And we got a chance for this great photo-op!
Rich, Justin, Andrey, Kym, Martha, Jim
Paige, Riley, Karen, Cole, Will, Zac, Renee, Sarah, Jamie, Shawn
Playing in the water cooler ice after the surprisingly hot sun fried us!

Paige - realizing how tight they have to wear their helmets

We followed the game with a fun dinner out and some more visiting!

On Sunday afternoon, we were invited by realtors we've worked with to a polo match just 10 minutes away!  This is a sight that isn't seen often.  It was a beautiful day !

This week brings a solo-parenting week with Rich out of town.  Paige has her first piano lesson.  Will is special person in his class this week.  (You can bring in pictures/things that represent you.  Guess how many had to do with Star Wars?  Most.)  And Cole has his full 3 days of school for the first time this week and a trip to the dentist to take an impression of his mouth for his temporary teeth.  Wish us luck!

Lastly, a funny:
We were discussing great ways to remember which directions are North, South, East and West by using acronyms clockwise.  Paige said, "Miss Silis taught us to use Never, Eat, Soggy, Pancakes(pause) Wait...WAFFLES!


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