Solo Parenting Revelations

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
So in closing night 4 as an only parent, I'd have to say I did pretty well!  There weren't too many major issues and everyone maintained relatively happy dispositions.  Okay, so I did push "start" on the coffee maker at 10pm instead of "program," thus brewing a pot of coffee late at night.  For no one.  This is not normally my job.

The biggest realization, however, is that when I know that it's all me, I play up.  And then knowing this, I realize that when both of us ARE here, I could probably be doing a better job.  I'm speaking of being on top of things, having better patience with the kids, taking on additional roles.  These things actually can be done, and so I will challenge myself to maintain this level even with Rich's return.  Because, why not?

And while I'm on the subect, this is definitely true of adulthood for me, and majorly magnified with being alone for days on end.  Scary movies?  Not my thing.  Loved them as a teenager.  Now, even a preview on TV tonight made me jumpy.  "House at the End of the Street"?  Don't want to see it OR it's preview.  Ever.


heresthediehl said...

Oh geez. I've ALWAYS hated scary movies, my whole life. Like you, the previews creep me out now!

Kudos for 4 days alone.

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