Another First Day

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
You wouldn't know it was his first day based on the behavior of this seasoned veteran.  There was even a squeal of excitement in the car on the way to school today.  Nothing could make me happier.  Thinking back to a year ago at this time...the tears, the anxiety...I can't believe what a contrast today was.  Proof he's getting older.

He came home revved up in school mode.  He wanted to do a project - preferably something involving paint.  He talked about the super soft play-doh they had at school and new "goodbye" song they learned.  He.  Had.  Fun.
4-year old preschool (and that's what we call it, by the way, lest you confuse it with 3-year old preschool, which was so last year)

Since projects weren't really on the agenda before a little rest time, we turned lunch into a project and had a cut-out lunch.  (There was more to lunch that didn't fit the theme.  And thanks to Pinterest for the apple rings idea - pretty fun to eat!)
Preschool has already made him a better person!  Today he yelled, "Hey Mom!  I can do something really talented!"  This line impressed me.  The fact that this "something" involved jumping on the couch...did not.


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