Family Culture

Wednesday, September 26, 2012
I recognize more and more (probably magnified by the the kids getting older and visiting more friends' houses) that each household has a very distinct culture.  Even if all other variables are constant (same ethnicity, religion, etc.), there are still differences in "how we do things."

That's a line we use often when kids are seeking an explanation about why WE don't do this, or why THEY aren't allowed to do that.  It's just how we do things here.  For example, you won't find our kids roaming the house until all hours of the night until they just settle themselves down to bed.  Bedtime is real here.  You won't find us all fending for ourselves at mealtime.  We eat together.  The same food.  We do what needs to be done before what we want to do and we don't expect something for nothing.

I'm not sure if it was Rich and my pre-marriage classes or just what makes us compatible in the first place, but we just seem to have the same "feel" for how we want our family / household run.  And I am thankful for that.  I hear of parents who argue about how to handle homework or attitudes and it's just not a hot button issue for us.  This is good, because it leaves no wiggle room for the kids to see.

This brings me to one of my favorite soap-box topics - family meals.  The Nick @ Nite commercial I referred to in my last post was perfect.  A family gathering around a table passing dishes of food called, "people skills," "self-esteem" and "respect."  One kid mildly complains that they had "self-esteem" last night and the mother retorts, "Honey, we have that every night."  I loved it. 

Certainly there will be eye-opening experiences as the kids DO visit more families and see how they do things, but hopefully they always come home and find comfort in they way we do things around here.


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