Taking Pride

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congratulations to Paige for accomplishing what she had little faith she could do - a triathlon.  She was highly regretful to not be a part of this group last year.  Yet, when it came to this year, she was doubtful she could do it - even though we knew she could.  And she certainly showed us!  But more importantly, she showed herself.  That is all I wanted.

And I've noticed that I haven't had a post about Will lately.  I just have to say that I am loving 2nd grade Will.  While he never struggled with doing homework in 1st grade, there were shortcomings in terms of responsibility and ability to keep emotions in check.  His maturity in this area has vastly improved.

He can recognize Cole as little (and therefore maybe unaware of how every word is pronounced / used) and now understands the secret society of older people who are in know.  He is much more aware of things at school and the overall system.  He has adjusted to new friends amazingly well, despite having some really good buds he left behind.  He gives Paige credit for being pretty darn funny sometimes...for a big sister.  He appreciates good humor - and has a great sense of humor himself.  He is just quite fun to be around.

Reading with Will is probably one of my favorite things.  As he is taught, he acknowledges every detail in a book - captions, illustrations, added punctuation.  It's as if you can see him sucking in every part of the story.  It has taught me a lesson - to really pay attention to what you're doing.  There's more to things when you do more than gloss over them.

So, tonight I'm feeling that next to your kids being in good health, one of the best feelings you can have with respect to your children is pride.


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