Useful Facts

Monday, September 24, 2012
  • If you clean the window on the door, it will stay fingerprint free for 5.5 minutes.
  • 181.  It's the number of the month for Cole.  Like, we've seen this show 181 times.  We played outside at school for 181 minutes, etc. 
  • Goo Gone will remove sticker residue off of a jersey.
  • This week is premiere week.  Enjoying Modern family, New Girl, Castle, Parenthood!
  • Tailoring books to young readers' tastes can turn reading time to an all-out laugh fest.
  • If you wear a lanyard hanging out of your jeans pocket, you too can look like Austin from "Austin and Ally," much like Cole.
  • Kids will catch on to the funniest things.  "Little Dab'll Do Ya."  It's the line Cole used tonight when I told him I needed to put a little lotion on his skin.  He said he learned it from his teacher (not a commercial from the 1960s).
  • Camry has the best commercial right now. We crack up at it. Watch it!

  • And speaking of good commercials, I was watching Nick at Nite (don't judge) recently and a great commercial sponsored by Nickelodeon came on promoting family meals.  LOVED the message and the delivery was humorous!  Can't find a link.
  • Laundry increases as jeans and socks enter the, 181 times that of summer.


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