Every Weekend Should be 3 Days

Monday, September 3, 2012
We've had our share of family time, fun time, errands, busy time, chores, projects all in one weekend making it so much easier to return to what will be a busy (short) week.   All weekends should be three days!

Some highlights include:
  • The kids each constructed all new bird houses with Rich.  This took patience and time and they did great!  They are still planning their paint color schemes.
  • In order: Cole's, Will's, Paige's
  • Lunch with my sister and her husband as they travel through after attending an out of town wedding 
  •  A trip to Starved Rock for a little hiking

Add in there a movie night, games together, reading together, some hysterical one-liners (not necessarily blog-appropriate) and this weekend was pretty perfect!


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