Getting Older

Wednesday, July 11, 2012
There have been signs lately of my kids getting older.  It's really neat to see.  For example, we bought Paige flip flops in the women's section today!  Will asked us to DVR the All-Star game for him (he hasn't had a mature enough interest in sports yet to appreciate this).  Paige asked me to tape the gymnastics Olympic trials (why, sure I will!).  They have shown empathy for others in more mature ways.  There has been opportunity to do this lately as our older dog has had some ailments.  We have been using an old cut-off sock of Cole's to help a pressure sore she has on her leg and Cole stated that Bailey can use as many of his socks as she needs.  And in general, the ability to follow directions and understand the overall flow of things is so improved.  (Ironically, Will is currently upstairs writing sentences regarding concentrating on listening better as today and yesterday weren't stellar).

BUT...I am still in love with the signs that they are still kids!  Cole took a nap today.  We ALL played with play-doh yesterday.  Paige made farm scene with the boys' farm toys that she was proud of.  (Then she took a narrated video tour of it which shifts this one back into the "older" category).  And they all get giddy excited on the nights when we head to bed early enough for us to lie in bed and read with them - one of my favorite times of the day!


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