Random Weekend Thoughts

Sunday, July 15, 2012
1.  We had a great night Saturday night going to a Hibachi restaurant that the kids ask to go back to everytime we mention eating out.  We had a blast!  Cole was in love with the miso soup.  Despite the fact that he never finished it completely, he never let the server remove the bowl the roughly 6 times she tried.  Hilarious.  And probably because the sodium content of the soup, the soy milk I brought him wasn't enough so he ordered some juice.  This is what he got:

So, now he's a definite fan of drinks with umbrellas.  After that, we went to a nearby riverwalk and enjoyed the beautiful evening walking and going in and out of shops.  Lastly, we wanted to stop for ice cream. 

**I'd like to take a minute and say that while I am cannot complain about the state of Cole's allergies, this summer must-do is just hard.  He doesn't care for slushies; there's milk in sherbet, and smoothies are made with yogurt.  It's just a bummer.  I bought him a cherry freeze which he disliked and opted for me to make him his sorbet when we got home...which he licked clean.  If only all ice cream places had sorbet.  It's good.  Try it.

2.  I'm pretty sure these Arizona-like conditions are my fault.  Back in March when it was so mild I said, and I remember saying it more than once, that I bet this means we'll have a brutal summer.  I know, experts are blaming global warming on our extreme weather.  I'm pretty sure it was me, though.  On a related note, if we have another baseball game called for heat indices above 100 degrees (at 7pm!!), I will be sad.

3.  Could someone please tell me why, despite having dozens of cute bookmarks, both of my older kids stick tissues in their books to mark their spot?  They're not even folded nicely.  They're crumpled and looked used.  I don't get it.

4.  I haven't mentioned the great day the 2 bigs had at a recent farm camp that my parents helped lead.  They learned all kinds of olden-day farm skills like churning butter, washing clothes, sawing wood, etc.  They came home fired up!  To assure that the little ones (Cole and cousin Renee) didn't feel left out, my sister Sarah and I took them to a nearby farm / early American heritage place.  They had a great time playing with corn, riding a train, riding a hayride, seeing animals and trying out the new paddle boats.

Don't let the smile fool you.  He's nervous because he knows there's a dark tunnel coming up!

5.  And lastly, I had made a couple loaves of zucchini bread lately and Will went to grab a piece.  I cautioned him that the end might be a little dry.  He responded, "No, that's okay.  I like the ankles."  After seeing my face, he realized he made a mistake and corrected himself by saying "heels!"


heresthediehl said...

Uh, YEAH he's a fan of umbrella drinks! That's so cool!

So it's your fault for the drought. Good to know.

I LOL'd at the ankles comment...Will is so funny!

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