Weekend Good News / Bad News

Sunday, June 10, 2012
BAD NEWS: We had to say goodbye to some friends who are moving this weekend
GOOD NEWS: They are moving to Florida and have a house with a built-in pool! 

GOOD NEWS: Will attended his first slumber party successfully!
BAD NEWS: Now he wants his birthday party to be a slumber party.

GOOD NEWS: We got to attend our 7 year old nephew's (hip hop) dance recital, which was impressive!
BAD NEWS: Cole voiced his displeasure anytime it was apparent that tutus were involved in the next number.  Here is is obvious lack of interest...
GOOD NEWS: We got to go as a family for the first time this season to the community pool.
BAD NEWS: Uh, there's nothing bad about this on a hot Sunday afternoon!

GOOD NEWS: Tomorrow's Monday and there's no school!
BETTER NEWS: We might actually get a little rain!  Bring it on!


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